Mr Lexx launches Diggy Nation line

Mr Lexx launches Diggy Nation line

October 17, 2023

Dancehall artiste Mr Lexx has launched his own clothing line, Diggy Nation, inspired by his personal swag and penchant for fashion.

The Full Hundred hitmaker shared that fashion has long held his interest.

"I've always wanted to do a line. People always compliment me on my swag, and it has always been a way I have used to express myself," he said.

The entertainer said that his Diggy Nation line will distribute T-shirts for males and females, tank tops for females, bandanas and hoodies.

"I'm just going to take my time and launch into other stuff," said Mr Lexx, adding that the designs were born out of a collaboration with Marisca Wong.

Diggy Nation wears are sold via an online store, The Jamaican entertainer said the pieces are not only trendy, but they are affordable.

"People always think higher quality means a higher price tag. That's not the case with us. The cost of our clothes is affordable and scaled to your budget - and the quality will always be higher than the price tag," Mr Lexx said.

The Cook deejay is among several Jamaican entertainers to have diversified their income sources. Gimme the Light hitmaker Sean Paul last week unveiled his highly anticipated Dutty Merch line, showcasing trendy apparel for both males and females. The initial offerings include T-shirts, caps and hoodies. The entertainer also plans to add 'dutty socks', as well as other items.

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