Mr. Lexx Announces Final Album ‘Like I Never Left’ Ahead of Retirement

Mr. Lexx Announces Final Album ‘Like I Never Left’ Ahead of Retirement

March 17, 2022, 06:00 PM

Veteran Dancehall deejay Mr. Lexx is working on his final album before retirement from the industry. Speaking with DancehallMag at Shenseea’s ALPHA album launch on Tuesday, the Full Hundred deejay, 47, said his sophomore album will serve as his attempt to leave Dancehall with a bang.

“I’m planning to resign soon, so mi just a drop one more album before that. I’m looking on different things for the future. I’m going into TV and I’m gonna try a little bit of TV. I also have this podcast, and like I said I’m going into TV so I’m looking forward to making that transition. You know, I’ve been doing music for almost 30 years now so it’s time to try new things,” Lexx said.

The Jamaican entertainer said the project, titled Like I Never Left, will debut in his birth month, which is May.

Mr. Lexx said the title of the project was also deliberate.

“I’ve never really made an attempt for a comeback ever in my entire career. This is my first time I’m like, OK, let’s try to make a comeback. But I’ve been around doing projects and you know touring and recording singles, so I felt like I never left,” he added.

Mr. Lexx’s last project was the 7-track EP titled Touch Down, which was released in August 2020, and had featured several upcoming artists.

In January this year, the deejay experienced the scare of his life after his right lung collapsed ten minutes into a performance. He subsequently underwent emergency surgery.

During Tuesday’s interview, Mr. Lexx said he was advised to take eight weeks to properly recuperate, and at present, he’s 90 percent better.  The deejay said he has a newfound appreciation for life and health.

“It was a frightening experience and I thank God I’m here to talk about it still,” he told DancehallMag.  “I wouldn’t wish that on anybody else. Thank God I’m here and I live through it. In general, the whole thing just teach me (to) cherish the small moments and value the people around you. It was such a frightening experience. I cherish life more, I cherish my family more, my kids more…my friends. It’s just, value the small things, you know.”

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