Mr. Lexx Focuses On Acting After Retiring from Dancehall

Mr. Lexx Focuses On Acting After Retiring from Dancehall

April 26, 2022, 1:37 PM

Mr. Lexx has given dancehall his “Full Hundred” and is looking to hang up his mic. The decision comes thirty years after he first grabbed fans’ attention and after he performed in over 40 countries around the world.

Even though he may be done with the musical side of his career, Mr. Lexx is looking forward to a new chapter as he is looking to dive into another aspect of the stage, acting. He made the disclosure recently to the Jamaica Observer as he also explained that many of his supporters had encouraged him to try acting, but he never gave it any serious thought.

The “Get Wid It” deejay added that he was extremely proud of his dancehall career and felt that he had achieved quite a lot as during his time on stage, he had the chance to do everything and go everywhere.

His decision was also influenced by the fact that he was recently approached for an acting role that he felt he would be good at. He also stressed that he doesn’t view acting as a new career but just something fun to do in retirement.

The “Good Hole” deejay also revealed that he might feature in an upcoming Jamaican sitcom. While keeping his cards close to his chest, he still shared some details about the sitcom, including five characters living in an apartment complex.

Mr. Lexx added that one of the male characters is from the ghetto and got promoted to a big club position, and because of that, he starts to make enough money to move into an apartment and starts to meet new friends.

In addition to that, as he makes friends, he develops a love interest, which everybody else in the complex wants. Mr. Lexx, whose real name is Christopher George Palmer, also admitted that he was very excited to start working on the project.

Even though his music career is over, for now, he still intends to keep his fans happy by touring. He plans to tour every now and then and sing the old songs that have made him famous. Music will always be a part of his journey, but for now, it’s just not a priority, he added.

Mr. Lexx’s career has certainly brought him many accolades. He shared that the ones that stood out for him include his Grammy nomination for his participation in the Red Star Sounds Presents Def Jamaica project. He also mentioned his nomination for the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 for “Hold the Line,” which featured Santigold.

“There’s so much to mention as far as career highlights. I’m probably the only dancehall artiste to have ever been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award A suppen mi ah go remember for the rest of mi life. I was right there when Kanye West took the microphone from Taylor Swift,” he continued.

This may be his first foray into professional acting, but the 47-year-old deejay shared that he participated in acting in his former high school, where he also played football and was part of a dance group called Squad One. The world almost didn’t get the chance to hear his musical prowess as he almost became a police officer, but when he was going to drop off the forms at the request of his mother, he ended up seeing the Arrows Recording studio on Windward Road and a voice told him to get off the bus.

That decision saw him eventually signing with VP Records and the release of his debut album Mr Lexx in 2000. He is expected to drop his final album Like I Never Left, which arrives next month. Even though it has been a journey that has been filled with ups and downs, the “Halla Halla” singer said he has no regrets about his career in dancehall.

“It’s been a rough road. It’s been up and it’s been down. It’s been miserable and mi get fed up nuff time. But I have no regrets. However, I would’ve made changes to a few choices that I made in my life,” he said.

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